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📌 Hello, my friends

I'm Xueliang Chen, a skilled mobile application developer.
Currently employed at TikTok Inc., specializing in enhancing the fundamental business of TikTok Global LIVE.

🔌 Tech stack

Platform Stack
Mobile iOS React Native Flutter
Frontend React Styled Components Bootstrap
Backend Node.js NestJS .NET GO MongoDB MySQL
Dev Iterm2 Python Raycast Postman Charles FFMpeg Docker
IDE Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Xcode GoLand
Design Figma Sketch Adobe Cinema4D Eagle
Workflow Git GitHub Notion

🔬 Recent activities

  • 🎓 Got a Master Degree of CS, successfully, lived in Tokyo & Shizuoka over 3 years more.
  • 🎬 Trained video editting skills (Adobe Affter Effects + Cinema 4D), I 'was' really good at it.
  • 📷 Bought a Cannon RP with 85mm + 35mm, nice shots, but not recently.
  • 🎸 Praticing ukulele, [Remembrance of dreams past, 1/1], etc.
  • ⛩️ Re-visited kansai region, around kyoto, Fushimi Inari Shrine is always my favorite spiritual spot.
  • 📹 Replaced all Cannon devices with Sony's, to be detailed, Sony A7M4 satisfied me a lot.

📣 We are hiring

TikTok Global LIVE Team offers unlimited opportunities in iOS, Android, backend, frontend, and more.
We are also looking to hire staff for various including Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, etc.
Please feel free to contact me via WeChat at qs_will or email me directly. I'm even available for a casual chat :).

📞 Contact me

📊 Weekly development breakdown

Still Gathering Statistics...

Xueliang Chen's Projects

activityreceiver icon activityreceiver

The server-side API and CMS for word reordering problems, works with ActivityReceiver.iOS.

activityreceiver.ios icon activityreceiver.ios

The client-side iOS application for word reordering problems, works with ActivityReceiver.

awesome-ios icon awesome-ios

A curated list of awesome iOS ecosystem, including Objective-C and Swift Projects

best_readme_template icon best_readme_template

🌩最好的中文README模板⚡️Best README template

calc24 icon calc24

A 24-points game with hint functions.

dress icon dress

好耶 是女装

eden icon eden

Web application for EDEN*

ffmpegtutorial icon ffmpegtutorial

MoviePlayer based on FFmpeg step by step tutorials for iOS developer. (使用 FFMpeg 封装播放器系列教程,适合零基础的 iOS 开发者学习)

gas-preprocessor icon gas-preprocessor

Perl script that implements a subset of the GNU as preprocessor that Apple's as doesn't

iris.ios icon iris.ios

An iOS application enables you explore art works provided by with high quality UX.

netease-music-box icon netease-music-box

🎧 将你最近一周的网易云音乐的听歌记录更新到 Gist

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