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Nicholas Curtis's Projects

apis icon apis

Service APIs for Kohana that use OAuth

core icon core

Core system classes from Kohana

database icon database

A Kohana module for database interactions, building queries, and prepared statements

developerbar icon developerbar

Developer Bar (inspired on Kohana Debug Toolbar) for Kohana 3+ PHP

disciple.js icon disciple.js based nodejs platform for real-time analysis of MLearn.JS models.

goprostream icon goprostream

Tools for handling/displaying GoPro HTTP/UDP stream (Python/Ruby)

jquery-tokeninput icon jquery-tokeninput

Tokeninput is a jQuery plugin which allows your users to select multiple items from a predefined list, using autocompletion as they type to find each item. You may have seen a similar type of text entry when filling in the recipients field sending messages on facebook.

ko3-nosql icon ko3-nosql

NoSQL abstraction layer for AWS Dynamo DB, AWS Simple DB, Mongo DB, and Redis. Includes nosql database abstraction layer and session / cache libraries for Kohana 3.

ko3-rest icon ko3-rest

Rest Module for Kohana Framework Version 3.2+

ko3-twig icon ko3-twig

Twig Templating Engine wrapper for Kohana.

linkedin-api-client icon linkedin-api-client

A library to connect with LinkedIn API. Perfect if you are looking for an API client or SDK for LinkedIn

mlearn.js icon mlearn.js

Machine learning library in Javascript. Includes algorithms for Classification & Regression problems, as well as helper tools for pre-processing datasets.

python-patterns icon python-patterns

A collection of design patterns implemented (by other people) in python

requests-scala icon requests-scala

A Scala port of the popular Python Requests HTTP client: flexible, intuitive, and straightforward to use.

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