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Bazyli Brzóska's Projects

apollo icon apollo

:rocket: We're building the data stack for modern apps.

apollo-client icon apollo-client

:rocket: A fully-featured, production ready caching GraphQL client for every server or UI framework

asanachromebundleextractor icon asanachromebundleextractor

Generates a Chrome Extension that forces Asana to use a local copy of it's bundle. Use once to generate, then turn off.

asananet icon asananet

A fully-featured .NET API for Asana (

asanasharp icon asanasharp

Implementation of Asana API in C# for .NET and Mono

aurelia-cycle icon aurelia-cycle

An Aurelia plugin that enables the use of Cycle.js inside of Aurelia

aurelia-rxjs icon aurelia-rxjs

An Aurelia plugin that allows you to bind to Rx Observables and Rx Subjects or use them as Binding Signals

aurelia-tools icon aurelia-tools

Tools and utility functions used to build and develop Aurelia's libraries.

awesome-cv icon awesome-cv

:page_facing_up: Awesome CV is LaTeX template for your outstanding job application

babel7-jest icon babel7-jest

temporary package to support transpiling babel@7 in Jest

bash-oo-framework icon bash-oo-framework

Bash Infinity is a modern standard library / framework / boilerplate for Bash

beemo icon beemo

🤖 Centralized configuration layer for dev tools. Beep boop.

berry icon berry

📦🐈 The active development trunk for Yarn 2 ⚒

binaryjs icon binaryjs

Node binary websocket streaming made easy

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