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Łukasz Hanuszczak's Projects

area51 icon area51

Just a playground for things that didn't deserve to have own repo but are too big for Gist.

charsloc icon charsloc

A library that enriches character iterators with location information.

fleetspeak-rs icon fleetspeak-rs

A Fleetspeak connector library for the Rust programming language.

govorit icon govorit

A very simple webapp for improving Cyrillic reading skills.

grr icon grr

GRR Rapid Response: remote live forensics for incident response

hanslrosh icon hanslrosh

A game I have created as my end-term project for one of the Python courses.

pokato icon pokato

A poor man's lens library for TypeScript.

purescript icon purescript

A small strongly, statically typed language that compiles to Javascript

rrg icon rrg

A Rust rewrite of the GRR agent.

traceroute icon traceroute

Simple traceroute program made as exercise for computer networks course.

typeshed icon typeshed

Collection of library stubs for Python, with static types

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