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Anthony Panozzo's Projects

ack.vim icon ack.vim

Vim plugin for the Perl module / CLI script 'ack'

acts_as_archival icon acts_as_archival

An ActiveRecord plugin for atomic archiving and unarchiving of object trees. Inspired by ActsAsParanoid and PermanentRecord

andand icon andand

The Maybe Monad in idiomatic Ruby

appium icon appium

Automation for iOS and Android Apps.

capybara-webkit icon capybara-webkit

A Capybara driver for headless WebKit so you can test Javascript web apps

cataclysm-dda icon cataclysm-dda

Cataclysm - Dark Days Ahead. A fork/variant of Cataclysm Roguelike by Whales.

conf icon conf

My Configuration Files (dotfiles)

coverband icon coverband

Rack middleware to help measure production code line of code usage

cucumber-rails icon cucumber-rails

Rails Generators for Cucumber with special support for Capybara and DatabaseCleaner

deep-learning-in-production icon deep-learning-in-production

In this repository, I will share some useful notes and references about deploying deep learning-based models in production.

doctorjs icon doctorjs

A set of static analysis tools for JavaScript

doony icon doony

UI Improvements for Jenkins

dotfiles icon dotfiles

[obsolete] My linux configuration files - see for updated version

exceptional icon exceptional

Exceptional helps you track errors in apps. This Repo contains the Ruby Gem. Exceptional also supports Django, iOS, Javascript, Node-JS, PHP. Each App needs an API key, this is given on signup at

fakefs icon fakefs

A fake filesystem. Use it in your tests.

fastai icon fastai

The deep learning library, lessons, and tutorials

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