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2016 icon 2016

GitHub Pages for Automating GIS-processes

appendfeaturestolayer icon appendfeaturestolayer

Processing plugin-based provider for QGIS 3 that adds an algorithm for appending features to a vector layer

ar.js icon ar.js

Image tracking, Location Based AR, Marker tracking. All on the Web.

arktype icon arktype

TypeScript's 1:1 validator, optimized from editor to runtime

cmv-app icon cmv-app

A configurable map viewer for the ESRI JS API

coronavirus-2020 icon coronavirus-2020

Explore COVID19 case numbers and deaths related to Coronavirus outbreak 2019/2020 in Pandas and in Jupyter notebook with MyBinder

covid-19 icon covid-19

Novel Coronavirus 2019 time series data on cases

covid-20 icon covid-20

COVID-19 World is yet another Project to build a Dashboard like app to showcase the data related to the COVID-19(Corona Virus).

covid19 icon covid19

JSON time-series of coronavirus cases (confirmed, deaths and recovered) per country - updated daily

cvessentials icon cvessentials

Tutorial Series (60 hour course): Essentials of computer vision

deepcrack icon deepcrack

DeepCrack: A Deep Hierarchical Feature Learning Architecture for Crack Segmentation, Neurocomputing.

deeplab_v3 icon deeplab_v3

Tensorflow Implementation of the Semantic Segmentation DeepLab_V3 CNN

deepsegmentor icon deepsegmentor

A Pytorch implementation of DeepCrack and RoadNet projects.

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