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Sam Petulla's Projects

colbert icon colbert

ColBERT: Contextualized Late Interaction over BERT (code for SIGIR'20 paper)

d3-array icon d3-array

Array manipulation, ordering, searching, summarizing, etc.

d3-cam02 icon d3-cam02

Fork of CIECAM02 and CIECAM02-UCS color appearance models with better tests, interpolation and a modular build

d3-cam16 icon d3-cam16

A d3 implementation of the CIECAM16 color appearance model. Unfinished.

d3-hsluv icon d3-hsluv

D3 implementation of human-friendly HSL

d3-random icon d3-random

Generate random numbers from various distributions.

jstat icon jstat

JavaScript Statistical Library

readroper icon readroper

Read single and multi-card ASCII polling datasets in R

resume icon resume

Software developer resume in Latex

stats205_notes icon stats205_notes

the public repo for stats205 scribe notes at Stanford University

us-potus-model icon us-potus-model

Code for a dynamic multilevel Bayesian model to predict US presidential elections. Written in R and Stan.

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