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docker's Introduction

Docker repository, for poco builds in docker containers.


  • docker
  • docker-compose

Usage example:

./configure --minimal --config=Linux-clang --compiler-version=4.0 --branch=develop
Configured for Linux-clang

Configure works in a similar fashion like the POCO configure script (in fact, it is a modified/extended version thereof). Curently, only gcc and clang on linux are supported.

The above commands will emit proper config.make and files, then run the build inside a ubuntu-based container.

Output from the build can be viewed in two ways:

  1. docker logs -f [container_id]
  2. tail -F out/

Docker logs will, obviously, be destroyed when the container is destroyed. The logs in ./out directory, will however, persist.

Source code is checked from github (into ./src directory on the host filesystem), switched to indicated branch (develop is default) prior to buiding and runing tests.

Once created, container can be stopped/started/restarted/destroyed.:

./run [start|stop|restart|down]

Container can also be prevented from exiting after all is done, so it is possible to exec into it and try various things:

docker exec -it [container_id] bash

docker's People


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