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YumiRun's Projects

avalondock icon avalondock

Our own development branch of the well known WPF document docking library

computer-science-flash-cards icon computer-science-flash-cards

Mini website for testing both general CS knowledge and enforce coding practice and common algorithm/data structure memorization.

imgaug icon imgaug

Image augmentation for machine learning experiments.

kinect_2_server icon kinect_2_server

C# server streaming features of the Kinect 2 such as speech & gesture recognition, skeleton tracking and original images

mvvmchart icon mvvmchart

MvvMChart is an extremely lightweighted, MVVM support and highly customizable WPF/UWP chart control.

ncnn icon ncnn

ncnn is a high-performance neural network inference framework optimized for the mobile platform

oemer icon oemer

End-to-end OMR system based on deep learning and machine learning techniques. Transcribe on skewed, phone-taken photos.

pulmonary-nodules-maskrcnn icon pulmonary-nodules-maskrcnn

Mask R-CNN for Pulmonary Nodules Diagnosis, using TensorFlow 天池医疗AI大赛:Mask R-CNN肺部结节智能检测(Segmentation + Classification)

pyqt5 icon pyqt5


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