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qzs's Projects

create-redux-action-types photo create-redux-action-types

使用一个普通的javascript对象来创建 redux 的 actionTypes.(Create redux action types with normal javascript object.)

deno photo deno

A secure TypeScript runtime on V8

node_spider photo node_spider

A Powerful Spider(Web Crawler) System in nodejs(typescript) like pyspider.

react-beautiful-chat photo react-beautiful-chat

A simple and beautiful React chat component backend agnostic and with Emoji and File support.

time-length photo time-length

Function converts special string to the number of milliseconds and back

uni-app photo uni-app

uni-app 是使用 Vue 语法开发小程序、H5、App的统一框架

uniapp-router-view-loader photo uniapp-router-view-loader


uView photo uView

uView UI,是uni-app生态最优秀的UI框架,全面的组件和便捷的工具会让您信手拈来,如鱼得水

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