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Ben Orenstein's Projects

backbone icon backbone

Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events

bundler icon bundler

Manage your application's gem dependencies with less pain

capybara icon capybara

Acceptance test framework for web applications

clearance icon clearance

Rails authentication with email & password.

clojure-cookbook icon clojure-cookbook

This is the home of O'Reilly's Clojure Cookbook -

cucumber-rails icon cucumber-rails

Rails Generators for Cucumber with special support for Capybara and DatabaseCleaner

docrails icon docrails


dotfiles icon dotfiles

config files for zsh, bash, completions, gem, git, irb, rails, vim

elm-effects icon elm-effects

Bring effects like HTTP and animations into your Elm Architecture app icon

The full source for, the home-page of the Elm programming language. Open sourced as a way to teach people how to write and serve Elm code. Follow the instructions in to get the site setup on your own machine.

elm-rails icon elm-rails

View helpers for incorporating Elm modules into Rails views

fakeweb icon fakeweb

Fork of Blaine Cook's FakeWeb for fixes and new features

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