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Hey, I'm Rafael Casillas! 👋

About Me 👨‍💻

I specialize in creating dynamic and efficient web applications using the power of React and Node.js.

My dedication to clean code, problem-solving, and staying abreast of the latest industry trends, allows me to contribute effectively to projects and deliver exceptional results and user-friendly solutions.

Projects 🚀

🎬 Netflix App

Landing page similar than Netflix, with the ability of playing movies and adding them to your list. Visit Netflix App

🍲 Recipes App

Search for a recipe or an ingredient and select your best option. Then follow each step of the recipe and enjoy your food! Visit Recipes App

🏓 Pong-Game

Pong game to play against the computer. Try to score more points than the machine!! Play Pong-Game

🎮 Mini-Game

You have to click on the blank rectangles and they will change of color. You have to find the partner of each rectangle. If you click 2 rectangles of the same color, they will remain colored, so you can continue clicking the other rectangles. The game finishes when you find the color matches of all the rectangles. Play Mini-Game

🌎 Countries App

Search countries by name and see their basic information, like their official name or flag. Visit Countries App

📖 Quotes App

Read popular Star Wars quotes and add personal quotes. Visit Quotes App

Let's Connect! 🤝

Rafael Casillas's Projects

countries icon countries

You can search for countries and see their basic information, like their official name or flag.

quotes-app icon quotes-app

App to read popular Star Wars quotes and you can add personal quotes.

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