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Daniel Rapp's Projects

brat icon brat

brat rapid annotation tool (brat) - for all your textual annotation needs

brew-python-bug icon brew-python-bug

sample project that demonstrates a bug (or at least an oddity) in python brew

course-v3 icon course-v3

The 3rd edition of - coming in 2019

cs344 icon cs344

Introduction to Parallel Programming class code

docker-java-python icon docker-java-python

Docker image that includes "official" OpenJdk, Python, Maven and stitches in jpy

docker-snap icon docker-snap

Docker images for SNAP (

docker-tensorflow icon docker-tensorflow

A Tensorflow Docker image that supports both GPU and CPU in the same container

fastai icon fastai

The fastai deep learning library, plus lessons and and tutorials

fs-crawler icon fs-crawler

Crawler that extracts vertices and edges from FamilySearch for ingestion into a RedBlackGraph

hubitat icon hubitat

Location for Inovelli Hubitat Drivers and Apps

migcon icon migcon

Migrate confluence export (converted to markdown) into friendlier format

polly icon polly

Very simple AWS Polly implementation... When you can't talk, and the team isn't paying attention to slack :)

redblackgraph icon redblackgraph

Red Black Graph - A DAG of Multiple, Interleaved Binary Trees

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