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Richard Lyon's Projects

ajs icon ajs

Javascript evaluator with seamless asynchronous handling

antiscroll icon antiscroll

OS X Lion style cross-browser native scrolling on the web that gets out of the way.

autogrid icon autogrid

Experiment in automatically scaling elements in a grid

beatrix icon beatrix

Opinionated RabbitMQ implementation

beatrix-events icon beatrix-events

System for emitting and reacting to events using Beatrix/RabbitMQ

bootstrap icon bootstrap

SCSS fork of the Bootstrap HTML, CSS, and JS toolkit from Twitter

bull icon bull

A NodeJS persistent job and message queue based on Redis

chart.js icon chart.js

Simple HTML5 Charts using the <canvas> tag

charts icon charts

Curated applications for Kubernetes

clog icon clog

Cookie logger for Drupal.

coderwall icon coderwall

Professional network for software engineers

coffeegraph icon coffeegraph

A selection of graph-layout algorithms implemented in Coffeescript, 2D+3D forms.

cookies icon cookies

Signed and unsigned cookies based on Keygrip

deployment_recipiez icon deployment_recipiez

Capistrano recipies for deploying / configuring nginx, thin, passenger, database syncing, basecamp integration and node js deployment.

dropit icon dropit

Dropit is a jQuery plugin for single level dropdown menu's

geocoder icon geocoder

Uses either a MaxMind omni key or to get geo information for an IP

htmldecode icon htmldecode

Decode HTML entities, trying to make a small package

influxdb icon influxdb

Scalable datastore for metrics, events, and real-time analytics

joiextender icon joiextender

Extends hapi joi with new top-level validation tests.

jquery-color icon jquery-color

jQuery plugin for color manipulation and animation support.

jscrollpane icon jscrollpane

Pretty, customisable, cross browser replacement scrollbars

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