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Ray Lugo, Jr.'s Projects

0bin icon 0bin

Client side encrypted pastebin

2016 icon 2016

Course material for BIO 260 and CSCI E-107 in Spring 2016

24daysofrust icon 24daysofrust

Code examples accompanying my "24 days of Rust" article series.

960-grid-system icon 960-grid-system

The 960 Grid System is an effort to streamline web development workflow.

abot icon abot

Abot makes it easy and fun to build your own digital assistant, and we include everything you need to get started.

academy icon academy

Skills, style guides, and tutorials for work at Plotly

ace icon ace

Ace ( Cloud9 Editor)

acorn icon acorn

A small, fast, JavaScript-based JavaScript parser

actuator icon actuator

Makes testing Hubot scripts relatively easier.

adv-r icon adv-r

Advanced R programming: a book

aff4 icon aff4

The Advanced Forensic File Format

afinn icon afinn

AFINN sentiment analysis in Python

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