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Rubén Norte's Projects

axios icon axios

Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js

babel icon babel

:tropical_fish: Babel is a compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

babel-eslint icon babel-eslint

:tokyo_tower: A wrapper for Babel's parser used for ESLint

blister icon blister

Minimalist dependency injection container for JavaScript

browser-run icon browser-run

The easiest way of running code in a browser environment

draft-js icon draft-js

A React framework for building text editors.

edit-cli icon edit-cli

NPM package with a CLI to open the default text editor

eslint icon eslint

A fully pluggable tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript

esprima icon esprima

ECMAScript parsing infrastructure for multipurpose analysis

eventize icon eventize

Convert objects into event emitters, that emit events before and after calling the specified methods

fbjs icon fbjs

A collection of utility libraries used by other Facebook JS projects.

grunt-exorcise icon grunt-exorcise

Move Browserify source maps to a separate file using Exorcist and Grunt

hapi icon hapi

Server Framework for Node.js

idx icon idx

Library for accessing arbitrarily nested, possibly nullable properties on a JavaScript object.

jest icon jest

🃏 Delightful JavaScript Testing.

jest-date-mock icon jest-date-mock

🌗 Mock `window.Date` when run unit test cases with jest. Make tests of Date easier.

jstify icon jstify

Browserify transform for pre-compiled Underscore and Lo-Dash templates (with HTML minification)

katajs icon katajs

Boilerplate to use in JS Katas. Jasmine, Phantomjs and Karma are included

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