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Elder Ryan's Projects

17monip icon 17monip

IP search based on, the best IP database for China.

accessbattle icon accessbattle

Free non-commercial implementation of the game "Rai-Net Access Battlers"

airprobe icon airprobe

git:// clone+

anno icon anno


assign icon assign

A Black Magic for support obj.__assign__ method'

asyncmongo icon asyncmongo

An asynchronous library for accessing mongo with tornado.ioloop

atomicswapwallet icon atomicswapwallet

Atomic Swap Wallet - a completely decentralized cryptocurrency wallet supporting p2p coin-coin & coin-token swaps via Atomic Swap (integrating multiple blockchains into a single interface in a decentralized manner). Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, and ERC20 tokens.

bacon.js icon bacon.js

FRP (functional reactive programming) library for Javascript

binberry icon binberry

gcc for the Blackberry Playbook, and maybe some other stuff..

bitquant icon bitquant

Bitcoin data gathering, backtesting, and algorithmic trading solution

btcrelay icon btcrelay

Ethereum contract for Bitcoin SPV: Live on

caoe icon caoe

Kill all children processes when the parent dies

cardkit icon cardkit

A mobile UI framework to help you build mobile web apps quickly and simply, or transfer entire website to native-like web app for touch devices

celebi icon celebi

(developing) celebi is timeseries data platform, based on actor model which is powerd by pulsar

celery icon celery

Distributed Task Queue (development branch)

chnroutes icon chnroutes

scripts help chinese netizen, who uses vpn to combat censorship, by modifying the route table so as routing only the censored ip to the vpn

ckb-zkp icon ckb-zkp

Zero Knowledge Proofs Toolkit for CKB

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