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Sails Co.'s Projects

anchor icon anchor

High-level validation rules for JavaScript, based on validator.js

lifejacket icon lifejacket

Redirect http:// to https:// in your Node.js/Sails.js application to ensure TLS/SSL (+ optionally handle LetsEncrypt certificate renewals.)

lodash icon lodash

A fork of Lodash 3.10.x with ongoing maintenance from the Sails core team. **There will be no changes or additions to existing usage. (That means no new features.)**

machine-as-action icon machine-as-action

Run a machine by sending an HTTP or WebSocket request to your Sails.js app. ("actions2")

machinepack-booleans icon machinepack-booleans

Work with true/false values and boolean operators like AND (&&), OR (||), NOT (!), and the ternary qualifier (?/:).

machinepack-console icon machinepack-console

Work with the console/terminal. Supports logging text output and reading user input via interactive prompts.

machinepack-mongo-circa-2017 icon machinepack-mongo-circa-2017

To allow us to focus on our most important packages, this repo has been retired and is no longer maintained by the Sails core team. (Please see `sails-mongo` instead)

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