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Hi, I'm Atanas 👋 Total profile views

  • JS/TS engineer with more than 10 years of experience
  • Lead front-end developer in the E.ON Home project
  • Senior software developer at Three11
  • Part of "the top 3% in the world" at Toptal
  • Founding talent member at Braintrust
  • Senior front-end developer at Andela
  • Open source software maintainer - check my projects.

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Atanas Atanasov's Projects

2048 photo 2048

A TypeScript implementation of the popular game

at-the-wall photo at-the-wall

A Game of Thrones scene coded in pure SCSS and HTML photo

My personal website. Built with TypeScript, PostCSS, React, D3, BabylonJS, Vuepress, NodeJS, Parcel, Vercel, Puppeteer, Cloudinary, Houdini and more. Installable as a Progressive Web App and (partially) available offline.

deno-rest-api photo deno-rest-api

An example REST API implementation for Deno using Oak framework

hover-media-query photo hover-media-query

A progressively enhanced "hover" media query. Bonuses: SCSS mixin and PostCSS custom media queries.

html-head-component photo html-head-component

A native web component for everything which might go in the <head> of your document.

itcss photo itcss

Starter CSS boilerplate utilizing the ITCSS pattern

itscss photo itscss

Starter SCSS boilerplate utilizing the ITCSS pattern

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