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Shaai's hosted blog management system

Home Page:

License: MIT License

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admin's Introduction

Shaai - Admin

Config Vars (.env)

DB_URI = mongodb+srv://<username>:<password>@<domain>/<dbName>

Host shaai admin on heroku


  • Go to settings -> config vars, and add your DB_URI.

admin's People


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admin's Issues

Create an in-house text editor. Move away from CKEditor.

CKEditor, being the best open source editor we found out there, still has some basic issues in it. Common features like embedding image urls between posts, code blocks are not available in the 5th version of the editor.
The complete list of features is in itself an overkill for Shaai, as of now. We can have a simple editor which serves our purpose and is open source, for people who do not want a feature-pumped editor, but a simple one for basic writing and formatting.

Add a markdown editor along with the existing one

markdown makes it really easy to write as well as to convert the written text to HTML. A good to have feature to migrate already written articles.
Note: This might affect the working of @shaai/react as it might fail to generate certain elements.

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