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am-editor icon am-editor

一个富文本实时协同编辑器框架,可以使用React和Vue自定义插件。A rich text collaborative editor framework that can use React and Vue custom plug-ins

atlasdb icon atlasdb

Transactional Distributed Database Layer

conjure icon conjure

Strongly typed HTTP/JSON APIs for browsers and microservices

gitbutler icon gitbutler

The GitButler version control client, backed by Git, powered by Tauri/Rust/Svelte

joplin icon joplin

Joplin - the secure note taking and to-do app with synchronisation capabilities for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

mediacrawler-latest-version icon mediacrawler-latest-version

小红书笔记 | 评论爬虫、抖音视频 | 评论爬虫、快手视频 | 评论爬虫、B 站视频 | 评论爬虫、微博帖子 | 评论爬虫

outline icon outline

The fastest knowledge base for growing teams. Beautiful, realtime collaborative, feature packed, and markdown compatible.

plottable icon plottable

:bar_chart: A library of modular chart components built on D3

rustdesk icon rustdesk

An open-source remote desktop, and alternative to TeamViewer.

siyuan icon siyuan

Build Your Eternal Digital Garden

spilo icon spilo

Highly available elephant herd: HA PostgreSQL cluster using Docker

superset icon superset

Apache Superset is a Data Visualization and Data Exploration Platform

system-design-101 icon system-design-101

Explain complex systems using visuals and simple terms. Help you prepare for system design interviews.

systemdesign icon systemdesign

系统设计面试:内幕指南(System Design Interview: An Insider’s Guide)

tiktokdownloader icon tiktokdownloader

完全免费开源,基于 Requests 模块实现:TikTok 主页/视频/图集/原声;抖音主页/视频/图集/收藏/直播/原声/合集/评论/账号/搜索/热榜数据采集工具

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