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Ståle Tomten's Projects

CDI-Config photo CDI-Config

CDI Config module that allows you to inject property files values directly into your Java classes.

hawtio photo hawtio

the web console helps you manage your JVM stuff and stay cool!

impress.js photo impress.js

It's a presentation framework based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions in modern browsers and inspired by the idea behind

jradius photo jradius

JRadius is a Java RADIUS framework for client and server.

podlet photo podlet

Module for building podlet servers. A podlet server serves page fragments.

proxy photo proxy

Module for proxying HTTP requests from a layout server to a podlet server (or any remote destination)

rg-si photo rg-si

Rube Goldberg sample Spring Integration Flow

rollup-react-ssr-demo photo rollup-react-ssr-demo

A simple hello world of a node.js app running server-side-rendering of a react application transpiled with rollup

test-page photo test-page

Test site to be used when testing proxies and proxy configurations

utils photo utils

Misc common / generic utility methods.

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