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Jim Heald's Projects

casper icon casper

The default personal blogging theme for Ghost

dontpass icon dontpass

Don't Pass is a Python tool you can run to scrape data from Cal Poly PASS and email you the information

etcher icon etcher

Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives, safely and easily.

go2chef icon go2chef

A Golang tool to bootstrap a system from zero so that it's able to run Chef to be managed

go2chef-old icon go2chef-old

A Golang tool to bootstrap a system from zero so that it's able to run Chef to be managed

grox icon grox

Ruby script for rotating touchscreens

ignition icon ignition

First boot installer and configuration tool

longene icon longene

Fork of the Longene Project, at 1.0rc2, which aims to implement support for the Linux kernel to execute Windows syscalls

mailu icon mailu

Insular email distribution - mail server as Docker images

nvm icon nvm

Node Version Manager - POSIX-compliant bash script to manage multiple active node.js versions

orio icon orio

A javascript-based microkernel for the web, using a custom javascript interpreter written in assembly, and powered by the LC-3!

paperspigot-docker icon paperspigot-docker

PaperSpigot Docker. Easy to use and clean docker image for running paper spigot servers in docker containers using OpenJDK. WIP

pi-gpio icon pi-gpio

A collection of python GPIO scripts

pi-gpiozero icon pi-gpiozero

Python scripts utilizing the gpiozero python module

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