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Suan Yeo's Projects

ack icon ack

A replacement for grep for programmers

acu_force icon acu_force

A command line acunote scraper with simple perforce integration

big_screen icon big_screen

A self-hosted web application that helps manage your locally stored movie collection

commander icon commander

The complete solution for Ruby command-line executables

docter icon docter

Get that restaurant github flavor at home in your editor.

easyrtc_fork icon easyrtc_fork

EasyRTC is a bundle of Open Source WebRTC joy! Our Javascript API hides the differences between Chrome and Firefox browsers and simplifies coding needed for working WebRTC apps. Signalling server using built on node.js. Tons of free code so you can build WebRTC apps in a few hours that just work. Demos include Instant messaging, Multiparty chatroom, Audio + Video, Screen sharing, Data channel Messaging and File sharing, and more.

freescale-sd-fat-library icon freescale-sd-fat-library

A simple FAT filesystem library for SD card interfacing. Best used with Freescale microcontrollers and the CodeWarrior IDE.

gh4a icon gh4a

Github client for Android

git-sanity icon git-sanity

A set of git commands and hooks, particularly helpful in dealing with github-fork workflows.

github-create icon github-create

a tool to help create github repos for projects directly from terminal

grape icon grape

An opinionated micro-framework for creating REST-like APIs in Ruby.

graphite_up icon graphite_up

A quick Vagrant setup for a running Graphite installation on a Debian Squeeze 32-bit VM via Chef

hub icon hub

hub introduces git to GitHub

hutools icon hutools

misc generic tools and helpers in Python

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