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1book photo 1book


3YAdmin photo 3YAdmin


996.ICU photo 996.ICU

Repo for counting stars and contributing. Press F to pay respect to glorious developers.

ABPlayerHTML5 photo ABPlayerHTML5

Video Player for danmaku comments. ABPlayer in HTML5. ABPlayer核心构件以动态HTML编写的版本。向HTML5进发!HTML5弹幕播放器

AlloyStick photo AlloyStick

AlloyStick 骨骼动画引擎 - 腾讯 AlloyTeam photo

腾讯 AlloyTeam 开源项目官网 - 我们的愿景: 成为业界卓越的Web团队!

AlphaTree-graphic-deep-neural-network photo AlphaTree-graphic-deep-neural-network

机器学习(Machine Learning)、深度学习(Deep Learning)、对抗神经网络(GAN),图神经网络(GNN),NLP,大数据相关的发展路书(roadmap), 并附海量源码(python,pytorch)带大家消化基本知识点,突破面试,完成从新手到合格工程师的跨越,其中深度学习相关论文附有tensorflow caffe官方源码,应用部分含推荐算法和知识图谱

amis photo amis

前端低代码框架,通过 JSON 配置就能生成各种后台页面。

android-jobs photo android-jobs


angular-3 photo angular-3

Contains the markdown used on the course at

angular-4 photo angular-4

anguar1.5.5学习教程官方配套源码,项目中也上传了pdf格式的电子书。对学习angularjs的朋友很有帮助。(keywords:angular angularjs angularjs1.x angular1.x controller ng-app $rootScope, $state, $stateParams views directive $http $scope $timeout factory service module ui-router ngRouter templateUrl ng-model ng-controller ng-include link compile restrict ng-grid ng-animate ng-pagination rxjs system.js protractor zone.js core.js node nodejs npm packacge.json cnpm server express fs html html5 h5 dhtml css2 css3 层叠样式表 布局 postcss styus less sass bootstrap foundation gulp grunt webpack chai mocha karma jasmine http-server fis3 descript it should toBe equal loader json phantomjs koa uglifyify jest mocks source-map-loader js javascript ecmscript5 es6 babel typescript coffeescript atscript tsconfig jshint jslint csslint 前端学习使用资料笔记摘要源代码note learn 练习 study 入门basic 指导Reference 项目project framework 心得 例子 案例 example samle demo code phonecat test startkit starter promise )

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