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Taras Denysenko's Projects

16384 icon 16384

A small clone of 1024 (

ck3-mod-custom-form-of-address icon ck3-mod-custom-form-of-address

Mod for Crusader Kings III, which allows the player to enter and use their own custom form of address instead of predefined titles ("Duke", "Empress" etc.).

ck3-mod-primary-title-for-hof icon ck3-mod-primary-title-for-hof

Mod for Crusader Kings III, which allows the player to continue to use their secular title (King, Emperor etc.) even after becoming a head of custom faith (Pope etc.).

ck3-mod-snowfall icon ck3-mod-snowfall

Mod for Crusader Kings 3 that adds snowfall effect on the map, ready for integration into larger mods

ck3-modutil-chasm-shader icon ck3-modutil-chasm-shader

CK3 chasm terrain shader and its integration example. Developed for The Way of Kings mod at the request of Tobbzn.

ck3-modutil-portrait-statues icon ck3-modutil-portrait-statues

Modified CK3 shaders and other mod files implementing simple statue effects for character portraits, visible both in GUI and in court scene.

cmake-modules icon cmake-modules

This repository aggregates several cmake modules repositories as submodules.

dbabstractions icon dbabstractions

A collection of interfaces, that abstracts connections to the database from the rest of PHP application logic, along with a PDO wrapper, implementing them.

game-ai icon game-ai

C# implementation of Goal Oriented Action Planning for creating autonomous planning agents in games. Compatible with Unity engine but not dependent on it.

genetic-tsp icon genetic-tsp

An HTML5 application, implementing genetic algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problem.

goban icon goban

This is a Python OpenCV application, which recognizes the position on the Go board from an image and allows to estimate the score of the game.

grid icon grid

Two dimensional grid data structure

kma-jlexer icon kma-jlexer

A lexer implementation in Java, created for SP course at NaUKMA.

learnopengl-cpp icon learnopengl-cpp

An OpenGL application using GLFW based on tutorials at

moment icon moment

Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in javascript.

protogoap icon protogoap

Demo scene in Unity, showcasing Terrapass.GameAi.Goap - the library implementing GOAP and available at

raytracing-weekend icon raytracing-weekend

SDL2-based implementation of various raytracing experiments, including those based on "Ray Tracing in One Weekend" by P. Shirley.

rs-branchy icon rs-branchy

branchy is a Rust crate providing tools for generating sequences using context-free grammars.

rs-griditer icon rs-griditer

Rust crate containing a couple of iterators for implementing 2D grid based algoritms.

rs-sloth icon rs-sloth

sloth is a Rust crate implementing lazily initialized values.

rs-versioned icon rs-versioned

Tiny Rust crate providing a pointer-like wrapper for counting mutations.

sdl2utils icon sdl2utils

Various utilities, convenience functions and aliases for use with SDL 2.* in C++.

shadowcasting icon shadowcasting

A Rust translation of the algorithm found here:

unity-utils icon unity-utils

Various utility classes and extensions for use in Unity projects.

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