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Default Community health files for Facebook projects

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Sharing Updatable Models (SUM) on Blockchain

2d-tan icon 2d-tan

AAAI‘20 - Learning 2D Temporal Localization Networks for Moment Localization with Natural Language

2lcs icon 2lcs

Lifecycle Services Companion App for administrators

a-tale-of-three-cities icon a-tale-of-three-cities

Analyzing the safety (311) dataset published by Azure Open Datasets for Chicago, Boston and New York City using SparkR, SParkSQL, Azure Databricks, visualization using ggplot2 and leaflet. Focus is on descriptive analytics, visualization, clustering, time series forecasting and anomaly detection.

aaai21-copy-that icon aaai21-copy-that

Source code for the "Copy that! Editing Sequences by Copying Spans" AAAI'21 paper

aad-hybrid-lab icon aad-hybrid-lab

Create a new VM with AD installed, test users created, PowerShell Azure AD modules, and Azure AD Connect installer ready to go.

academiccontent icon academiccontent

Free tech resources for faculty, students, researchers, life-long learners, and academic community builders for use in tech based courses, workshops, and hackathons.

accera icon accera

Open source cross-platform compiler for compute-intensive loops used in AI algorithms, from Microsoft Research

accessorframework icon accessorframework

A C++ SDK for building cyber-physical applications using the Accessor Model

ace icon ace

Build Cordova apps with true native UI

adamix icon adamix

This is the implementation of the paper AdaMix: Mixture-of-Adapter for Parameter-efficient Tuning of Large Language Models(

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