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thielema's Projects

bensolve icon bensolve

bensolve - a free vector linear program solver

blaze-builder icon blaze-builder

Efficient serialization of Haskell values to lazy bytestrings with a large average chunk size.

cublas icon cublas

Haskell FFI bindings for CUBLAS, CUSPARSE, and CuFFT

doctest icon doctest

An implementation of Python's doctest for Haskell

download icon download

High level download interface for Haskell

efa-2.1 icon efa-2.1

EFA - Energy Flow Analysis - Energieflussanalyse

elm-compiler icon elm-compiler

Compiler for the Elm programming language. Elm aims to make web development more pleasant. Elm is a type inferred, functional reactive language that compiles to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

fay icon fay

A proper subset of Haskell that compiles to JavaScript

flathub icon flathub

Pull requests for new applications to be added

geoalglib icon geoalglib

Library for Geometric Algorithms in Haskell from

hl icon hl

Haskell web site

hledger icon hledger

Robust command-line/curses/web plaintext accounting tools, a Haskell rewrite of Ledger.

hmatrix icon hmatrix

Linear algebra and numerical computation

hmm icon hmm

hidden markov models in haskell

livesequencer icon livesequencer

Haskell live-sequencer: program and play music in reduced Haskell simultaneously

llvm icon llvm

Haskell bindings to the LLVM compiler infrastructure project.

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