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Daniel Lopretto's Projects

agrep icon agrep

AGREP - approximate GREP for fast fuzzy string searching. Files are searched for a string or regular expression, with approximate matching capabilities and user-definable records. Developed 1989-1991 by Udi Manber, Sun Wu et al. at the University of Arizona. ISC open source license since Sept. 2014.

axios icon axios

Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js

blog icon blog

An abridged history of computer programming

difflib.js icon difflib.js

Text diff library in JavaScript, ported from Python's difflib module.

env-js icon env-js

A pure-JavaScript browser environment.

homebrew icon homebrew

:beer: The missing package manager for OS X.

indomitable icon indomitable

Indomitable is a module for helping you manage user passwords.

jenkman icon jenkman

Jenkins CI testing of node API servers with Postman/Newman

kosher-bluepay icon kosher-bluepay

A node.js interface to the BluePay api. Where neatness and correctness counts.

laravel-grunt icon laravel-grunt

Asset management package for Laravel 4, that harnesses the power of GruntJS

laravel-mongodb icon laravel-mongodb

A MongoDB based Eloquent model and Query builder for Laravel (Moloquent)

newman icon newman

Newman is a command-line collection runner for Postman

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