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Tim Henderson's Projects

blinky icon blinky

Java Code Instrumenter and Execution Tracer

calloc icon calloc

An unsafe Go interface to the C memory allocator.

combos icon combos

Parser combinators for Go. Easy parsing of LL(k) grammars.

dot icon dot

Stream parsing of the graphviz dot language for go.

dot_tools icon dot_tools

A library to parse and generate the graphviz dot langauge.

fs2 icon fs2

B+ Tree - List - File Structures 2 - Memory Mapped File Structures for Go

getline icon getline

A cross platform, BSD Licensed, Python library for getting keyboard input from the console. Support for history and line editing.

getopt icon getopt

Yet Another getopt Library for Go. This one works like the python module getopt.

gitfutz icon gitfutz

Futzing with data from git using pygit2

goast icon goast

Generate a serialized AST of a Go Package as an ordered labeled tree.

gobuild-fork icon gobuild-fork

An obsolete build to for the Go Language (obsoleted by Go 1, the first stable go release).

goir icon goir

Produces a MIR (Medium level Intermediate Representation) for Go based on the AST produced by The MIR is intended to be useful starting point for program analysis/optimization.

goiso icon goiso

A wrapper around libbliss for graph isomorphism testing and canonical labeling.

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