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TJ Nine's Projects

belt icon belt

A handful of tools for PHP developers.

cpython icon cpython

The Python programming language just faster....

eco-oop-framework icon eco-oop-framework

a vanilla OOP-Framework for eco-sized sites (PHP 7) featuring a blog, users & roles, and more

larvaapi icon larvaapi

a laravel 5.2 api used for js frameworks

legos icon legos

a home rolled framework using a bunch of design patterns using PHP7.

mymvc icon mymvc

an easy to use MVC framework

php7dev icon php7dev

a PHP 7 box from ragnus with an example site 1 linked to computer locally and in vagrant

simpleserver icon simpleserver

using golangs' net/http library to build a simple and then an advanced http & tcp server, serving static files and eventually replacing the DefaultMux with Gorilla.

update-golang icon update-golang

update-golang is a script to easily fetch and install new Golang releases with minimum system intrusion

xelis icon xelis

application using domain driven design

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