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tommytwoeyes's Projects

apprise icon apprise

An attractive alert alternative for jQuery

avr_avr_spi icon avr_avr_spi

Simple AVR-to-AVR communications for Atmel ATmega48/88/168/328 microcontrollers

calculus icon calculus

Teaching myself Calculus. You're welcome to read along. Please send any corrections you may have.

calculus-review-guide icon calculus-review-guide

Notes I put together to help in reviewing Calculus I and Calculus II, in preparation for Calculus III

continuity icon continuity

Notes for my Calculus courses in college, written in Jupyter Notebooks

gitpod-template-python-flask icon gitpod-template-python-flask

Learning to use Gitpod for the first time. Created this repo IAW "Getting Started" tutorial in the official Gitpod docs.

hackermath icon hackermath

Introduction to Statistics and Basics of Mathematics for Data Science - The Hacker's Way

huginn icon huginn

Build agents that monitor and act on your behalf. Your agents are standing by!

infinitex icon infinitex

A LaTeX and WYSIWYG editor with academic search functionality and other helpful tools

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