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33pu icon 33pu


advanced-java icon advanced-java

😮 互联网 Java 工程师进阶知识完全扫盲:涵盖高并发、分布式、高可用、微服务、海量数据处理等领域知识,后端同学必看,前端同学也可学习

algoxy icon algoxy

Book of Elementary Algorithms and Data structures

alpine-tor icon alpine-tor

Just a simple rotating tor pool with haproxy load balancer. (with opt-in privoxy support)

anthelion icon anthelion

Anthelion is a plugin for Apache Nutch to crawl semantic annotations within HTML pages

appcrawler icon appcrawler

Spider for extract Android' app infomation in App Market

arduino-milestag icon arduino-milestag

An, as yet unnamed, implementation of the milestag potocol on an arduino

autoexechack icon autoexechack

Autoexec hack is a copilation of hacks for GoPro Cameras, like a GHDK (GoPro Hack Developer Kit). ALL HACKS HERE WILL VOID THE WARRANTY OF THE CAMERA.

awesome-python icon awesome-python

A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources

awesome-remote-job icon awesome-remote-job

A curated list of awesome remote jobs and resources. Inspired by

b9creator icon b9creator

B9Creator (tm) 3D Printer Software Utility Source Code

best-app icon best-app

收集&推荐优秀的 Apps/硬件/技巧/周边等

bitcoin-arbitrage icon bitcoin-arbitrage

Bitcoin arbitrage - opportunity detector, market maker, hedge and arbitrage

blog icon blog

a blog deployed on netlify with a slack bot and celery task publisher

bratreader icon bratreader

Python code for reading Brat Repositories. Supports saving and reading from XML files for easy acces to annotations.

cellphone2hw icon cellphone2hw

Circuit (Eagle) and case (Inkscape) files for the cellphone.

char-rnn icon char-rnn

Multi-layer Recurrent Neural Networks (LSTM, GRU, RNN) for character-level language models in Torch

chartee icon chartee

a charting library for mobile platforms

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