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Timothy Spann

Principal Developer Advocate Streaming, Cloudera


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Tim Spann is the Principal Developer Advocate for Streaming @ Cloudera, the Big Data Zone leader and blogger at DZone and an experienced data engineer with 15 years of experience. He runs the Future of Data Princeton meetup as well as other events. He has spoken at Philly Open Source, ApacheCon in Montreal, Strata NYC, Oracle Code NYC, IoT Fusion in Philly, meetups in Princeton, NYC, Philly, Berlin and Prague, DataWorks Summits in San Jose, Berlin and Sydney.

Milvus, Unstructured Data Processing, Open Source Vector Database, towhee, Attu, Milvus CLI, Milvus Backup, Milvus Sizing Tool, feder, GPTCache, Hugging Face, Python, LLM, Pytorch, LangChain, RAG, Ollama.

Upcoming Events: Conferences, Meetups, ...

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Timothy Spann's Projects

1brc icon 1brc

1️⃣🐝🏎️ The One Billion Row Challenge -- A fun exploration of how quickly 1B rows from a text file can be aggregated with Java

90daysofdevops icon 90daysofdevops

I am using this repository to document my journey learning about DevOps. I began this process on January 1, 2022, and plan to continue until March 31. I will be dedicating one hour each day, including weekends, to gaining a foundational understanding of the various aspects of DevOps. This will be a 90-day intensive study period. 2022 & 2023 inc.

99-problems icon 99-problems

This is an adaptation of the Ninety-Nine Prolog Problems written by Werner Hett.

aas icon aas

Code to accompany Advanced Analytics with Spark from O'Reilly Media

activator-play-spark-react icon activator-play-spark-react

This project is an Activator Template candidate. It is a tutorial demonstrating the use of Play, Spark, and React JS.

adtech-dash icon adtech-dash

A Scalable Ad Classification Pipeline, REST API, and Visualization, using Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache HBase, Scalatra, Amazon Web Services, Highcharts

advbox icon advbox

Advbox is a toolbox to generate adversarial examples that fool neural networks in PaddlePaddle、PyTorch、Caffe2、MxNet、Keras、TensorFlow and Advbox can benchmark the robustness of machine learning models. Advbox give a command line tool to generate adversarial examples with Zero-Coding.

aerosolve icon aerosolve

A machine learning package built for humans.

agents icon agents

Simple app for visualizing agents on a map. Angular/es6 frontend. Spring boot REST services backend.

agepredictor icon agepredictor

Age classification from text using PAN16, blogs, Fisher Callhome, and Cancer Forum

ai-rpi-detection icon ai-rpi-detection

AI Raspberry Pi cat detection and notification: get a text when your cat does something it's not supposed to do, and have AI narrate what it sees

aiopulsar icon aiopulsar

Asynchronous Python client for Apache Pulsar

aios icon aios

AIOS: LLM Agent Operating System

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