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graphql's Introduction


Resources for End-to-End typing with GraphQL and TypeScript


There is something informally called the "keying-in" operator that is very handy for accessing generated TypeScript types from your GraphQL schema.

// generated typescript response from schema
type APIResponse = {
  user: {
    userId: string
    friendList: {
      count: number
you need to the type of APIResponse.user.friendList but don't know it upfront
type FriendList = APIResponse['user']['friendList']

It looks kinda obvious but can be really handy.



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graphql's Issues

seeking maintainers

i know @swcarlosrj would be a great maintainer for this and @brieb too if she wants it. this is something i know very little about beyond using codegen to flow types down from backend to frontend in a monorepo.

no obligation to anyone of course. just tagging people who may be interested.

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