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node's Introduction


Cheatsheets for experienced Node.js developers getting started with TypeScript

TS config

You can find more recommended TS config here.

Helpful tools

Tip 1


  "compilerOptions": {
    "target": "es2015",
    "module: "commonjs"

Tip 2

shipping typescript sourcemaps from a node server:

Tip 3

Instead of

nodemon --exec ts-node src/index.ts


tsc --watch
nodemon dist/src/index.js

node's People


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node's Issues

seeking maintainers

using TS-in-node is often quoted as a pain point for folks. as a beginning, it'd be good to just be the go-to resource for that, and then document next steps.

i'd also like to think about several categories of Node usecases from serverless node to node CLIs and so forth. we are more useful the more specific we are. our advantage is the flexibility and capability of documenting common user issues faster because of our dedication to TS, which is often not well covered in docs

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