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Eugene Lazutkin's Projects

code-forward icon code-forward

Snippets and functions for data-forward and code-forward programming.

cognito-toolkit icon cognito-toolkit

Helpers for AWS Cognito to build web applications with authentication/authorization

dcl icon dcl

Elegant minimalistic implementation of OOP with mixins + AOP in JavaScript for node.js and browsers.

dcl6 icon dcl6

OOP with mixins, AOP, chaining for ES6

deep6 icon deep6

No dependency mini-library: deep equivalency, object pattern matching, deep cloning, unification.

dojo icon dojo

"Dojo already has that."

dynamodb-toolkit icon dynamodb-toolkit

No-dependencies micro-library for AWS DynamoDB to build small efficient RESTful APIs and high-performance command-line utilities.

git-credential-ejson icon git-credential-ejson

Git credential helper that keeps its data store in an encrypted JSON using id_rsa or similar certificate.

grunt-slice-front icon grunt-slice-front

Slices a Markdown file in segments separating a front matter in YAML, generates HTML, and applies a template to the result. Useful to generate web pages.

grunt-slice-markdown icon grunt-slice-markdown

Slices a Markdown file in segments, generates HTML, and applies a template to the result.

install-artifact-from-github icon install-artifact-from-github

No-dependency micro helper for developers of binary addons for Node that checks the cache for an artifact before attempting to build a project. Save time for your users!

ipl.js icon ipl.js

Initial page loader toolkit for JS Web applications, based on Node.js backend

js-path icon js-path

Get/set using a dot-separated path from a JSON-like store object with optional multiple values.

n.gfx icon n.gfx

Angie Effects: browser-agnostic high performance Canvas implementation.

node-re2 icon node-re2

node.js bindings for RE2: fast, safe alternative to backtracking regular expression engines.

page-dom-stats icon page-dom-stats

A simple Chrome extension to inspect performance-related properties of a web page

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