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acat icon acat

Assistive Context-Aware Toolkit (ACAT)

acl4ssr icon acl4ssr

SSR 去广告ACL规则/SS完整GFWList规则,Telegram频道订阅地址

adeasy icon adeasy

一套全广告平台的快速集成框架。A fast integration framework for a full advertising platform.

aerial icon aerial

Apple TV Aerial Screensaver for Mac

algorithm-pattern icon algorithm-pattern


amemv-crawler icon amemv-crawler

Easily download all the videos from amemv.下载指定的 抖音(Douyin) 号的视频,抖音爬虫

androidassetstudio icon androidassetstudio

A set of web-based tools for generating graphics and other assets that would eventually be in an Android application's res/ directory.

andserver icon andserver

:cherries: Web server and web framework of Android platform.

anime4k icon anime4k

A High-Quality Real Time Upscaler for Anime Video

animeganv2 icon animeganv2

[Open Source]. The improved version of AnimeGAN. Landscape photos/videos to anime

aniseg icon aniseg

A faster-rcnn model for anime character segmentation.

annie icon annie

👾 A fast, simple and clean video downloader

any-video icon any-video

Spring Boot 最佳实战,精致UI,丰富内容

apollo-11 icon apollo-11

Original Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC) source code for the command and lunar modules.

apppolice icon apppolice

Mac OS X app for quickly limiting CPU usage of any running process

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