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best-resume-ever icon best-resume-ever

:necktie: :briefcase: Build fast :rocket: and easy multiple beautiful resumes and create your best CV ever! Made with Vue and LESS.

course icon course

The Hugging Face course on Transformers

d2l-zh icon d2l-zh


extension icon extension

an enhancer/customiser for the all-in-one productivity workspace (browser)

hongbao icon hongbao

✔️ 饿了么、美团拼手气红包辅助,一键领取手气最佳红包

langchain-chatchat icon langchain-chatchat

Langchain-Chatchat(原Langchain-ChatGLM)基于 Langchain 与 ChatGLM 等语言模型的本地知识库问答 | Langchain-Chatchat (formerly langchain-ChatGLM), local knowledge based LLM (like ChatGLM) QA app with langchain

medicalgpt icon medicalgpt

MedicalGPT: Training Your Own Medical GPT Model with ChatGPT Training Pipeline. 训练医疗大模型,实现了包括增量预训练、有监督微调、RLHF(奖励建模、强化学习训练)和DPO(直接偏好优化)。

nlp-tutorial icon nlp-tutorial

Natural Language Processing Tutorial for Deep Learning Researchers

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