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Victor Zverovich's Projects

.tmux icon .tmux

Oh My Tmux! My pretty + versatile self-contained tmux configuration (in other words the best tmux configuration)

_._ icon _._

A simple streaming library

bikeshed icon bikeshed

:bike: A preprocessor for anyone writing specifications that converts source files into actual specs.

breathe icon breathe

ReStructuredText and Sphinx bridge to Doxygen

coz icon coz

Coz: Causal Profiling

cppcon2017 icon cppcon2017

Optimizing compilation times of Generated Code with Templates

fbthrift icon fbthrift

Facebook's branch of Apache Thrift, including a new C++ server.

llvm-project icon llvm-project

The LLVM Project is a collection of modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies. Note: the repository does not accept github pull requests at this moment. Please submit your patches at

splib icon splib

A collection of stochastic programming problems

velox icon velox

A new C++ vectorized database acceleration library aimed to optimizing query engines and data processing systems.

wg21 icon wg21

WG21: C++ Standards Committee Papers

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