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Waldir Pimenta's Projects

.atom icon .atom

Personal Atom setup, not intended for public consumption.

.github icon .github

Default meta files for all my repositories

3d-hcl-viewer icon 3d-hcl-viewer

mirror of Brian Cort's HCL Viewer (

7min icon 7min

HTML timer for the 7 minute workout

abyss icon abyss

node.js ephemeral messaging and file sharing platform built on Mithril and RethinkDB

academicos-anonimos icon academicos-anonimos

Espaço aberto de partilha de informação sobre problemas de motivação e produtividade no meio académico

accordion icon accordion

Silky-smooth accordion widgets with no external dependencies.

addressprinter icon addressprinter

Roff program for generating labels to cut-and-paste onto envelopes/parcels.

alphabet-soup icon alphabet-soup

Fun little toy I wrote to generate chaotic, garbled HTML using randomly-offset CSS transforms.

angles.jl icon angles.jl

An angle type that wraps your degrees,radians, proportions so that you don't need to worry about it.

app icon app

Pull Requests for GitHub repository settings

app-module-path-node icon app-module-path-node

Simple module to add additional directories to the Node module search for top-level app modules

arbtt icon arbtt

arbtt, the automatic rule-based time-tracker

aria2.js icon aria2.js

JavaScript library for aria2, "The next generation download utility."

ascii-tables icon ascii-tables

Quickly format table in ASCII. Great for code comments, or Github Markdown!

assl icon assl

A library to hide awful OpenSSL API in a sane interface.

atom icon atom

The hackable text editor

atom-ci icon atom-ci

Script for setting up Atom projects on continuous integration servers.

atom-formfeeds icon atom-formfeeds

Display form-feed characters (U+000C) as horizontal dividers in Atom.

atom-liveview icon atom-liveview

Base class for implementing a live previewer in Atom that renders files asynchronously in real-time.

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