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30-seconds-of-code photo 30-seconds-of-code

Curated collection of useful Javascript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.

admin-vue photo admin-vue

这是一个后台框架 技术栈:vue2.0 + vue-router2.0 + webpack2.0,采用多iframe适合大型项目

alaweb photo alaweb

一套 Vue 代码,多端可用(H5、小程序、苹果App、安卓App、头条等)。系统含150+页面,200+组件(5端通用),30+元件(每个终端独立完成)

AlloyLever photo AlloyLever

1KB js library contains development debugging, error monitoring and reporting, user problem localization features - 1KB代码搞定开发调试发布,错误监控上报,用户问题定位 photo

腾讯 AlloyTeam 开源项目官网 - 我们的愿景: 成为业界卓越的Web团队!

alt photo alt

Isomorphic flux implementation

amphtml photo amphtml

AMP HTML source code, samples, and documentation. See below for more info.

apollo photo apollo


ASRT_SpeechRecognition photo ASRT_SpeechRecognition

A Deep-Learning-Based Chinese Speech Recognition System 基于深度学习的中文语音识别系统

asteroid photo asteroid

A more comprehensive management system developed on the basis of iview-admin.

atui photo atui

vue components for desktop

awesome-python3-webapp photo awesome-python3-webapp

小白的Python入门教程实战篇:网站+iOS App源码→ 赞助→

axios photo axios

Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js

bitcoin photo bitcoin

Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree

BlockChain photo BlockChain

黑马程序员 120天全栈区块链开发 开源教程

Blog photo Blog

I pleasure to share my blog in my spare time, welcome to issue

blog-1 photo blog-1


brpc photo brpc

Most common RPC framework used throughout Baidu, with 600,000+ instances and 500+ kinds of services, called "baidu-rpc" inside Baidu.

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