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welterde's Projects

astroquery icon astroquery

Functions and classes to access online data resources. Maintainer: @keflavich

bananajour icon bananajour

Local git repository hosting with a sexy web interface and bonjour discovery. It's like your own little adhoc, network-aware github!

beta icon beta

Reverse-engineered Minecraft stuff

bird_exporter icon bird_exporter

Bird protocol state exporter for bird routing daemon to use with

boris icon boris

Boris MUD - a small C plugin-based MUD for RPI or deep adventuring

cells icon cells

a game where players programm agents that compete for resources in a simulated environment

chimera icon chimera

Chimera - Observatory Automation System

collectd-carbon icon collectd-carbon

collectd plugin to write to Carbon (frontend for Graphite's Whisper storage format)

coolmud icon coolmud

CoolMUD is an object oriented MUD server with a lot of nice features, like being able to connect 2 seperate MUDs running on different machines together seamlessly.

dirtymud icon dirtymud

Hacked together at RailsCamp Perth 2010. Perhaps someday DirtyMUD will be more awesome and less dirty.

disco-mudlib icon disco-mudlib

A LPC/Discworld inspired modern MUD engine written on top of JavaScript, MooTools and Node.js.

docker icon docker

Docker - the open-source application container engine

eagle icon eagle

Ruby + Sinatra looking glass to interface with the BIRD routing daemon

erasmas icon erasmas

node.js / coffee-script based MUSH / MUD

escort icon escort

Escort is a middleware for Connect which provides routing and url generation capabilities.

esoportal icon esoportal

Automation of requests+retrieval from the ESO data archive

ewok icon ewok

Ewok is a MUD server based on the CoffeeMUD game engine.

flargmud icon flargmud

A MUD with better coding practices than my previous MUDs

go-nntp icon go-nntp

NNTP client and server for the go language.

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