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acpbutton icon acpbutton

UIButton subclass to easily add custom buttons to your iOS app.

actionsheetpicker icon actionsheetpicker

Quickly reproduce the dropdown UIPickerView / ActionSheet functionality from Safari on iPhone/ iOS / CocoaTouch.

ah3dpulltorefresh icon ah3dpulltorefresh

A simple iOS control to add a pull to refresh to UITableView with a cool 3D effect.

aheasing icon aheasing

A library of easing functions for C, C++ and Objective-C

amazekit icon amazekit

AmazeKit is a library for rendering beautiful images in your iOS app.

ane-imagepicker icon ane-imagepicker

Air Native Extension for mobile camera and gallery features (iOS + Android)

aop-in-objective-c icon aop-in-objective-c

An NSProxy based library for easily enabling AOP like functionality in Objective-C.

aotag icon aotag

Tag with label and local or distant image

apns-sharp icon apns-sharp

Apple Push Notification & Feedback Services Client C# Library

appledoc icon appledoc

Objective-c code Apple style documentation set generator.

aqgridview icon aqgridview

A grid view for iPhone/iPad, designed to look similar to NSCollectionView.

ar icon ar

trivial augmented reality (GPS based)

arlabel icon arlabel

Subclassed version of UILabel that automatically adjusts label font size to fit its frame, specifically designed to work good with animations.

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