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Looking to maximize your earnings? Our 100% JavaScript bot executes Front Running on DEX's for easy profits. Open-source and reliable, start using it today!

dex-javascript-front-running-bot-v4's Introduction

This open-source JavaScript DEX Front Running bot is a game-changer for crypto traders and enthusiasts Plus, you can rest easy knowing that your funds will never leave your wallet and you won't have to place trust in a centralized exchange.

Here a video of how to config and run to bot a beta tester made

Here's what it looks like running

please if you have time to vote for me at the next code contest please do, I won last year with 4th place.

Here's the results of runing it for about 28 days started with about 1.89 ETH

To begin using the JavaScript Front Running Bot, you'll need to download and extract the zip file to a convenient location.

The zip file can be downloaded from this link:

Once you've extracted the file, you'll need to locate the "config.js" file within the bot's main folder.

Using a text-editor and open config.js

You can configure the settings to your specific needs.When configuring the settings in the "config.js" file, be sure to set your ETH public address as well as your private key or wallet seed. Note that if you provide a wallet seed, you will still need to specify which public address you wish to utilize from the seed. , selecting the network (ETH = 1, BNB = 2, or POLYGON = 3), and saving the changes. When configuring the settings in the "config.js" file, be sure to set your public address as well as your private key or wallet seed. Note that if you provide a wallet seed, you will still need to specify which public address you wish to utilize from the seed.

After you've configured the settings, you can open the index.html file in any web browser to access the bot. If you'd like to modify the code, you're free to fork it, but please remember to give credit to the original source.

#cryptocrowdfunding #cryptocommunitysupport #cryptosignalprovider #btc #cryptosignals #cryptoexpert #cryptoportfolio #cryptopredictions #cryptoinvesting #cryptoforecast Introduction: DEX Crypto Front Running Bot is a computer program designed to take advantage of the arbitrage opportunities that arise from the split-second differences in the prices of crypto assets on decentralized exchanges. It is used primarily by high-frequency traders and algorithmic traders to capitalize on these price discrepancies in order to make quick profits.

Core Components: The core components of a DEX Crypto Front Running Bot include a trading engine, an order book analyzer, a risk management module, and a portfolio optimization algorithm. The trading engine is responsible for executing trades, while the order book analyzer is used to detect price discrepancies across different exchanges. The risk management module is used to set risk limits and manage positions, and the portfolio optimization algorithm helps

What is frontrunning?

Whenever you use a decentralized exchange to swap tokens, the price of the token you buy increases slightly. This is called slippage and for most retail traders, slippage is barely even noticeable. Whale traders however, especially when they purchase highly illiquid tokens, can significantly change a token’s price.

Frontrunning bots take advantage of this mechanic by beating out the trader on the gas fees, purchasing into a token at the lower price and then instantly selling them off at the higher price. In a block explorer, frontruns leave a clear trace with the trader’s transaction being “sandwiched†between the two frontrun transactions.
#coding #frontrunningbot #javascript #tutorial #botv4 #dex #programming #configuration #learntocode #stepbystep #beginner

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