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Bill Keese's Projects

bayes-rule-viz icon bayes-rule-viz

Explain Bayes' rule in the context of disease testing using D3.

carbon-charts icon carbon-charts

:bar_chart: :chart_with_upwards_trend:⠀Robust dataviz framework implemented using D3 & typescript

compose icon compose

ComposeJS is a lightweight JavaScript library for object composition

dapp icon dapp

AMD-based Application Framework for building Web & Mobile applications

delite icon delite

Bill's in-progress work on delite

deliteful icon deliteful

Widget library that works on desktop and mobile (combination / next generation of dijit and

dgauges icon dgauges

Gauges Framework for the Dojo Toolkit

dijit icon dijit

Fork of dijit code with branches: (1) nodep - IE6, IE7, quirks, and deprecated methods etc. removed (2) es5setters - native getters/setters

dojo icon dojo

Fork of dojo code with nodep branch - IE6, IE7, quirks, and deprecated methods etc. removed

dojo-api-data icon dojo-api-data

The generated (spidered - spider.php) HTML files for Dojo API's including tree.json for each version

dojo-old icon dojo-old

Dojo 1.x line with back-compat code and API's removed

dojo-site-api icon dojo-site-api

Dojo API datasources and legacy HTML for use in the Dojo API viewer over node.js

dojox icon dojox

The Dojo Toolkit extras library. Please submit bugs to

dstore icon dstore

A data infrastructure framework, providing the tools for modelling and interacting with data collections and objects.

ecma402 icon ecma402

ECMA-402 JavaScript Internationalization API "shim"

icu icon icu

The home of the ICU project source code.

liaison icon liaison

A data binding library that aims for emerging web standards compatibility

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