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Rafique's Projects

3l icon 3l

Lots of Love for LESS

acf-tax icon acf-tax

A simple add-on to the ACF Wordpress plugin

adaptive-images icon adaptive-images

Automatically adapts your existing HTML images for mobile devices. No mark-up changes needed.

agilephp icon agilephp

AgilePHP is a very lightweight, "enterprise" PHP Rapid Application Development framework, which encourages the use of industry standards and best practices while producing flexible, structured, web applications in PHP.

aidkit icon aidkit

Laravel Admin Interface Development Kit

ajax-proxy icon ajax-proxy

An easy-to-use PHP ajax proxy class and script for facilitating cross-domain ajax calls which supports cookies and has minimal dependencies (doesn't need curl)

ajax-seo icon ajax-seo

AJAX SEO is crawlable framework for AJAX applications.

anchor-cms icon anchor-cms

Anchor is a free, lightweight, faster-than-a-bullet, simple blogging system, made for art–directed posts.

animate.css icon animate.css

A big ol' goody bag filled with CSS animations for WebKit, Firefox and beyond.

anvil icon anvil

A PHP 5.3 CMS built on top of Laravel 4 and other composer components.

aopphp icon aopphp

Library PHP with common tools for AOP

api_cache icon api_cache

Simple library which makes it easy to add caching to all your external API calls.

apphbr icon apphbr

Test repository to learn appHarbor Development

aura icon aura

A decoupled, event-driven architecture for developing widget-based applications. Works with Backbone.js and other frameworks.

auryn icon auryn

A Dependency Injection Container for PHP 5.3+

auth0-get-user-from-wp icon auth0-get-user-from-wp

Auth0 needs a way to get users from WP for it's trickle-in user migration strategy. This plugin allows that.

authority icon authority

A Simple and Elegant PHP Authorization System

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    A server is a program made to process requests and deliver data to clients.

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