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Vivek Talwar's Projects

aima-python icon aima-python

Python implementation of algorithms from Russell And Norvig's "Artificial Intelligence - A Modern Approach"

amazon-sagemaker-examples icon amazon-sagemaker-examples

Example 📓 Jupyter notebooks that demonstrate how to build, train, and deploy machine learning models using 🧠 Amazon SageMaker.

avalanche icon avalanche

Avalanche: an End-to-End Library for Continual Learning.

awesome-python icon awesome-python

A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources

big_vision icon big_vision

Official codebase used to develop Vision Transformer, MLP-Mixer, LiT and more.

chainer icon chainer

A flexible framework of neural networks for deep learning

coach icon coach

Reinforcement Learning Coach by Intel AI Lab enables easy experimentation with state of the art Reinforcement Learning algorithms

codegen icon codegen

CodeGen is an open-source model for program synthesis. Trained on TPU-v4. Competitive with OpenAI Codex.

coin icon coin

Pytorch implementation of COIN, a framework for compression with implicit neural representations 🌸

colab icon colab

Continual Learning tutorials and demo running on Google Colaboratory.

continual-learning icon continual-learning

PyTorch implementation of various methods for continual learning (XdG, EWC, SI, LwF, FROMP, DGR, BI-R, ER, A-GEM, iCaRL, Generative Classifier) in three different scenarios.

covid-19-sas icon covid-19-sas

Collaboration space for SAS and others to understand, model, and mitigate COVID-19 through analytics

covidprognosis icon covidprognosis

COVID deterioration prediction based on chest X-ray radiographs via MoCo-trained image representations

custom-svm icon custom-svm

Custom implementation of Support Vector Machines using Python and NumPy

d2l-en icon d2l-en

Interactive deep learning book with multi-framework code, math, and discussions. Adopted at 175 universities.

datasets icon datasets

TFDS is a collection of datasets ready to use with TensorFlow, Jax, ...

ddfnet icon ddfnet

The official implementation of the CVPR2021 paper: Decoupled Dynamic Filter Networks

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