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y.kankaya's Projects

antinet icon antinet

.NET anti-managed debugger and anti-profiler code

antipwny icon antipwny

A host based IDS written in C# Targetted at Metasploit

ants icon ants

In this tower defense game, it's your job as the Queen Ant to lead your colony and fight off the angry bees. Fail to pester the airborne intruders and the queen will succumb to the bee's wrath. How will you deal with the bees?

ants-1 icon ants-1

An ant colony simulation based on neural networks and genetic algorithms

ants-2 icon ants-2

Tower defense game in which a colony of ants protects their queen from invading bees

ants-3 icon ants-3

Experiments in Ant-Colony optimization

ants_aco icon ants_aco

Ant Colony Optimization using various techniques

ants_simulation icon ants_simulation

A naïve ant colony simulation. Only useful as a pretty simulation, not sophisticated enough for real ant colony optimisation or anything like that.

antsim icon antsim

The following projects is on simulating natural ant behavior and their interaction as a colony system.

anylog icon anylog

A logging framework abstraction like Common.Logging but will be better than it in some aspects

apate icon apate

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Honeypot Maker and Manager

apc-ppid icon apc-ppid

Adds a user-mode asynchronous procedure call (APC) object to the APC queue of the specified thread and spoof the Parent Process.

apex-1 icon apex-1

Build, deploy, and manage AWS Lambda functions with ease (with Go support!).

api-designer icon api-designer

A web editor for creating and sharing RAML API specifications

api-odata-litedb icon api-odata-litedb

Console em ASP.NET Core inserindo em um banco liteDB e listando as mesmas em uma API REST em ASP.NET Core Odata

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