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apps-script-templates icon apps-script-templates

This repository contains a number of code templates for Google Apps Script that provide example frameworks for Apps Script projects.

apropos icon apropos

A simple way to serve up appropriate images for every visitor.

apt2 icon apt2

automated penetration toolkit

apt_report icon apt_report

Interesting apt report collection and some special ioc express icon

Automation script for hard-linking the DEB files in a directory into another directory using the aptly pool directory structure.

aptnotes icon aptnotes

Various public documents, whitepapers and articles about APT campaigns

aptsimulator icon aptsimulator

A toolset to make a system look as if it was the victim of an APT attack

ar.js icon ar.js

Efficient Augmented Reality for the Web - 60fps on mobile!

arachni icon arachni

Web Application Security Scanner Framework

aragog icon aragog

Aragog - Facebook Invalid Checker

arbapps icon arbapps

Python applications, games and light effects for the Arbalet LED table

arbitrium-rat icon arbitrium-rat

Arbitrium is a cross-platform, fully undetectable remote access trojan, to control Android, Windows and Linux and doesn't require any firewall exceptions or port forwarding rules

arc icon arc

A manager for your secrets.

arc-menu icon arc-menu

Arc menu is a Gnome shell extension designed to replace the standard menu found in Gnome 3

arcanus icon arcanus

ARCANUS is a customized payload generator/handler.

archerysec icon archerysec

Open Source Vulnerability Assessment and Management helps developers and pentesters to perform scans and manage vulnerabilities.

architecture icon architecture

Architecture with .NET Core 3.1, ASP.NET Core 3.1, Entity Framework Core 3.1, C#, Angular 9, Clean Code, SOLID, DDD, Code Analysis, Docker and more.

archway icon archway

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